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Mars 4 ways


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About this observation
David Basey
Time of observation
07/08/2020 - 02:09
Observing location
358mm Dobsonian
Altair 178M3 camera

Excellent conditions in the early hours of this morning. Visually Mars would take a magnification of 450x.

The images here were taken through the recommended Mars Section filters along with a UV/IR cut filter and also combined to give a RGB composite. South is up.

As usual the red image shows the most surface detail, any clouds or storms would have shown up in green or blue light.

The SPC has a distinctly ragged edge. Solis Lacus is to the upper left of centre (the Eye of Mars). Extending to the right limb is Mare Sirenum. Comparison with a map of Mars such as those on the Section website will identify many other features.

Processed in PIPP, Autostakkert3! and Registax 6

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