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Venus in the morning


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About this observation
Peter Tickner
Time of observation
12/08/2020 - 09:40
Observing location
Urban Berkshire
ZWO ASI 174MM mono CMOS camera
2.5x PowerMate
14inch f/10 LX200 ACF
EQ8 mount

Today was the day Venus reached 50% illumination again and a realistic chance to see if any atmospheric waves could be detected using my Astronomik 807nm IR pass filter.   The three-part image consists on the left of an IR pass image taken directly through my 14inch SCT, in the centre an IR pass image taken with a 2.5x PowerMate added to the image chain and on the right directly through the SCT using a Baader U Venus filter.    Conditions were not good but I captured Venus as it passed my local meridian and was at its highest for me.    Sadly it doesn't look like any oddities were detected in the IR pass images and Venus is now further away than earlier in the year so it is more difficult to detect cloud features in UV too.  Local conditions were not good today and we had a thunderstorm later in the afternoon.   I shall keep monitoring for both features on Venus when the opportuity arises!


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