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Mars: 13th August


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About this observation
Paul G. Abel
Time of observation
13/08/2020 - 02:34
305mm Newtonian Reflector
x150 & x250
Once more we had some excellent seeing conditions here last night, although the skies themselves were rather hazy.  I did plan a Perseid watch- but the skies became to hazy and in the event, I only observed one Perseid.  Later on, Mars was an excellent sight- my 12" Newtonian gave some splendid views of the fine details on the Martian disk:
  • SPC continues to shrink- the cap seemed much brighter towards the morning limb of the planet.
  • Argyre was fairly distinctive as was the Mare Australe.
  • Solis Lacus showed a great deal of structure- the Ganges was a fine delicate streak passing down towards the north.
  • Erythraeum showed a good deal of structure- I'm not sure that I managed to record it all!
  • Chryse didn't seem to contain any clouds.  
  • Niliacus Lacus visible to the far north.  
  • The morning limb of the planet was rather brilliant and slightly bluish in colour towards the north.
Probably one of the best views of Mars I've had in decades!
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