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McNeil's nebula


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About this observation
Mike Harlow
Time of observation
18/08/2020 - 09:55
McNeil's variable nebula
Observing location
Telescope Live, Chile
0.61 M F/6.5 (Planewave CDK24)
FLI9000 CCD (3056 x 3056 pixel)
Astrodon luminance filter
1 x 180 seconds

Now that Orion is accessible again this is my first image of M78 and surroundings to look for McNeil's variable nebula.  The nebula is still invisible in this single 180 second exposure centred on the location of McNeil's nebula just to the right of the close pair of stars. The field is 32 x 32 arc minutes with north up reproduced here at 50% of the original size.

Past images of McNeil's nebula can be found on the Orwell AS web site.

The telescope used is part of the Telescope.Live observatory network...the telescopes in Chile are excellent...!

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