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Mars 19/08


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About this observation
David Basey
Time of observation
19/08/2020 - 01:18
Observing location
358mm Dobsonian
Altair 178M3 camera
Wratten 25/58/47 filters

Conditions not quite so good this morning but still satisfactory.

A couple of outliers to the SPC.

Syrtis Major is just visible on the terminator. Above it the bright area is Hellas. Stretching centrally across the disk is Sinus Sabaeus terminating in the forked Sinus Meridiani. Deucalionis is the light streak above Sinus Sabaeus with Pandorae Fretum directly above that. Immediately to the right of Sinus Meridiani is Margaritifer Sinus and Mare Erythaeum above that.

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