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New Discovery - Sharpless 215 is a potential planetary nebula: Pa 167


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About this observation
Peter Goodhew FRAS
Time of observation
27/08/2020 - 17:30
Sh2-215 - Pa 167
Observing location
Fregenal de la Sierra, Spain
APM TMB 152 LZOS Refractors
10Micron GM2000 HPS mount
QSI6120wsg8 cameras
H-Alpha filter: 61x900" bin 1x1 Blue: 9x300" bin 1x1 Green: 8x300" bin 1x1 Lum: 18x300" bin 1x1 OIII 3 nm: 46x1800" bin 4x4 Red:

Sharpless 215 has, like other objects in the Sharpless Catalog, been classified as an HII emission nebula. My good friend Dana Patchick recently spotted a hot star apparently located within the nebula, and suggested that it could possibly be a planetary nebula.  He suggested that I turn my scopes on it, looking for any OIII emission.  Although much fainter than the HII emission, I found a strong OIII signal which is characteristic of planetary nebulae.  We now await spectroscopic analysis to be able to confirm that it is a PN.  Dana has registered it as a possible planetary nebula in his catalog as Pa 167.

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