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Mars: 27th August


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About this observation
Paul G. Abel
Time of observation
27/08/2020 - 00:55
305mm Newtonian reflector
x150 & x188
Attached is an observation of Mars I made on the morning of the 27th August.  Although there were some passing clouds, the seeing was rather good and my 12" Newtonian provided some stunning views of the surface:
  • Syrtis Major can be seen on the morning side.  The Mare Tyrrhenum was quite dark.
  • Ansonia fairly well defined.  Hellas fairly distinct but not overly bright- for the first time details in Hellas seen very distinctly (albeit rather faint).  The Mare Hadriacum didn't seem particularly dark.
  • Nare Cimmerium can be seen near the evening side of the limb and I was able to see Sinus Gomer.
  • To the south, Eridania and Thyle II were fairly well define, the south polar cap now fairly small.
  • There appeared to be a bluish haze present along the northern limb, and bright clouds present on the morning limb.
Cloud cover became complete by 0056UT.
Best wishes,
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