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Andromeda Galaxy (M31) plus M32 and M110 (starless)


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About this observation
Callum Scott Wingrove
Time of observation
09/09/2020 - 23:45
Andromeda Galaxy
Observing location
Stanmore, Greater London (Bortle 8)
William Optics RedCat51
SkyGuider Pro Mount
ASI294MC Pro
IDAS NGS1 Filter
36 x 300s; Gain 120; FoV: 4 x 2.79 deg

An experiment with Starnet++.  Whilst the original looked good the stars within our own galaxy do mask details on Andromeda so I tried this tool and it worked pretty well.  I had to add the core of M32 back in using photoshop after the core of that galaxy was removed by the tool.  I guess though this is as close a view as we are likely to get of what it would look like if imaging from intergalactic space.

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