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IC 1396


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About this observation
John Hughes
Time of observation
09/09/2020 - 22:00
IC 1396
Observing location
North Essex, UK
William Optics Z103
SkyWatcher EQ6R Pro
ZWO ASI1600mm Pro Cool
Chroma 1.25” Ha, Oiii, Sii filters
Sequence Generator Pro
Gain 139, Offset 30
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I commenced this project on 10 July capturing the Ha subs then had a poor run of weather eventually capturing the Oiii and Sii on 9th and 11th September respectively. 

This is proving tricky to process and to be honest it is still in the work in progress box but with the file size here restricted to 2mb I thought I would get it out there.

Ha 5 mins x 55

Oiii 5 mins x 59

Sii 5 mins x 53

Thoughts and feedback always welcome.


mike harlow's picture

A stunning image John .  Could you add the field of view to your image data.  With such 'abstract' views of objects it's difficult to visualise how big they are. 

It would be good practice if everyone put scales on their deep sky images.  It's not just an issue with individual imagers...astronomy magazines are notoriously bad at giving useful information on images!!!



Hughsie's picture

Hi Mike, thank you for your comments and I will incorporate that info going forward.

The FOV is 1.78 degrees x 1.35 degrees.

mike harlow's picture

Thanks John,

That really helps to put it in context...the pillar is longer than the full moon is wide!  I like to visualise how things would look to the naked eye...if they were sensitive enough that is...


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