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NGC6888 The Crescent Nebula


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About this observation
Simon Dawes
Time of observation
14/09/2020 - 00:00
NGC6888 The Crescent Nebula
Observing location
Bexleyheath, England (Bortle 8)
Sky Watcher MN190
EQ6 Pro
ZWO ASI 1600 pro mono
5minutes subs
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I've been meaning to image this for a while, this image took 3 nights to capture, due to equipment issues (why is it that when you leave your 'scope unattended it decides o go haywire?) plus I've been doing photometry of exo-planets.

I always assumed this was a supernova remnant, but I looked this up and it appears to be gas excited by a local wolf Rayet star (WR136) interacting with the stellar wind of a nearby red giant. 

Software Used:
Astro Pixel Processor

Photoshop (CS6)

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