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Sh2-129 + OU4 - The Flying Bat and Squid


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About this observation
Graeme Coates
Time of observation
01/09/2020 - 00:00
Sh2-129, OU4
Observing location
Skywatcher Esprit ED80
73.7hrs combined LRGB, HA, [OIII]

This is an Ha+OIII+LRGB image showing the diffuse nebula Sh2-129 (The Flying Bat) and the enigmatic, bipolar planetary nebula OU4 (The Squid Nebula).

In addition to the 12.7hrs of LRGB data (Baader), there is another 16hrs of HA data (Chroma 3nm) added into the R channel, using a "lighten" method (MAX() function) in PixelMath, and on top of this, 45 hrs (!) of [OIII] (Chroma 3nm) (made starless using Starnet++) blended in using a lighten function in Photoshop. The [OIII] with a selective mask to bring forth the Squid itself and leaving the noisier background out. Data was captured throughout Summer 2020. 

The scope used is only 80mm in aperture, and I think throwing more aperture at this one is really the only way to improve the [OIII] signal, which was not very strong (understatement!) - OU4 is extremely faint, and I've reached the end I think in what can be pulled out from here, and I feel time to move on (to something brighter!).

There is some(...) [OIII] emission corresponding to the main Ha emission regions in SH2-129, but it's so very faint it's barely above the noise floor. (2x2 bin may well have been better here...ho hum)

This data was captured from EEYE on our shared rig.

Acquisition: Graeme Coates & Paul Tribe

Processing: Paul Tribe

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