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Borisov's nebula


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About this observation
Grant Privett
Time of observation
03/11/2020 - 23:30
Borisov's nebula
Observing location
Celestron RASA 11"
Starlight Trius Pro 694
Paramount MEII
30x 120s

Taking images of nebulae when the Moon in 90% full probably isn't the brightest idea in the world, but I wanted to see how tough a challenge this 14 arc sec wide nebula was. Answer: stiff.

It is faint and with the Moon giving a total background signal of 1.446million counts and the nebula centre clocking in at 1.472million you're talking 1% of sky background, so poor contrast. To me it looks like its sitting in a patch of darker nebulosity - perhaps, not a surprise with a protostar. 

So bargain on 45 minutes imaging (with the moon out the way) to get a solid signal. 

Pixels are 3 arc secs across.

Bottom line. Its still there. 

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