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Comet 2020 M3 ATLAS on Nov 10th


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About this observation
Martin Mobberley
Time of observation
10/11/2020 - 16:16
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2020 M3 ATLAS taken earlier today via Siding Spring. Comet is just west of Orion's belt. The two blue stars are approx 6th mag. 


Grant Privett's picture

Thats lovely composition. Intentional or did you just get lucky?

Martin Mobberley's picture

Pure luck Grant. The only time in 40 years that Spode's law has worked in reverse for me. I planned the framing so that the comet would be slightly off-centre, just in case a tail was visible. The vivid blue stars looked very boring on Guide 9, just two obscure variable stars that would end up either side of the comet. I had no idea they would look so dramatic. Spode almost had the final say though, because the blue frame did not arrive on the itel server until WAY after the other frames....I'd almost resigned myself to producing a mono result, but as I started to download the luminance frame the 'lost' blue frame appeared.....


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