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The Pelican Nebula, full image


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About this observation
David Davies
Time of observation
22/09/2020 - 11:30
The Pelican Nebula, IC 5070
Observing location
Cambridge, UK
APM 107 refractor, x0.7 reducer
QSI 683 camera
Astrodon 3nm Ha, OIII and SII filters
Skywatcher EQ8 mount
10 x 20 min, Ha, OIII and SIII exposures

Between mid-September and the first week of October, I spent time getting to know the NINA imaging software and used The Pelican Nebula as my target. Using the NINA software, I was able to make much more efficient use of my time since I could now automate many activities that I used to do manually. Also, I no longer avoided targets east of, but close to the meridian, since NINA now managed the meridian flip. It took a little time to tune the various parameters in NINA and learn to trust what it was doing, but I now use it exclusively. This is the full-size narrow-band image in the Hubble palette.

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