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Mare Imbrium: from Sinus Iridum to Plato


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About this observation
Davide Pistritto
Time of observation
25/11/2020 - 19:14
Sinus Iridum, Plato
Observing location
Bari, Italy
Celestron C9,25
Astrodon G filter

This huge portion of the Moon shows so many features of the norther portion of Mare Imbrium. It starts from Promontorium Heraclides, westside of the Sinus Iridum where sunrising light was starting to show its crests.

Montes Jura are well placed for a face-on sunlitting rays.

Going to east side of the Sinus, the Promontorium Laplace erges itself casting its shadow on the gulf.

Westward of the P. Laplace you can see two of Laplace domes family, L5 and L6, between two little mons.

Maybe L1 could be slightly spotted in its place, but the light angle from the Sun is a little bit too high just to certainly see. 

The complex of Montes Rectii, Teneriffe and Pico preceeds the big Plato, where lies many little craterlets and its rima, in the north-east.

Completes the scene Piazzi Smith crater with Mons Piton.

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