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Astronomy during lockdown

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Joined: 05/03/2014 - 10:46
Astronomy during lockdown

I fully agree with the current restrictions but am a little irritated that I would be allowed to go angling (not tempted at all) but am now forbidden from setting up my Dob  in a dark, muddy and very remote field.

It is very heavy but I am not going to make an argument to the police that I am exercising.

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Another angle

Maybe you should take up angling - and take your Dob along with you!


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Astronomy during lockdown

My observing has been quite badly affected by lockdown. I have a yard that is light polluted and affords access to only a very limited part of the sky. Normally I would go to a observing spot closer to the sea, which is much darker and has better sky access, but I have been wary during the stringent lockdown periods - even though it is just myself at the scope.

Of course I am not saying this is significant disruption in the grand scheme of things (before there is a pile-on).