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Observing Guide to the Sun

Observing Guide to the Sun

The observable universe, although wonderful to behold, is fairly slow to show any significant change over a human lifetime. Not so for our local star, the Sun. Magnetic fields and loops cover the churning “surface” ensuring constant change and the creation of observable features in the form of sunspots, faculae, prominences, filaments, plage and flares.

Whether you are new to observing or an experienced observer, the Sun is the ideal astronomical object to study. For the beginner, the Sun is an easy and convenient object to find.

For the more advanced observer, why not observe in Hydrogen-alpha and discover just how dynamic and spectacular our star can be?

If you are a photographer or an imager, then the Sun will prove to be a rewarding and challenging target.

Whatever you decide, the Sun will not disappoint.

This 51 page handbook will introduce you to solar observing techniques across the field. Sections have been written by amateur solar enthusiasts within their field of expertise.

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This handbook is also available on CD ROM.

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