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B 33, IC 434 and NGC 2023


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About this observation
Paul Downing
Time of observation
07/12/2013 - 23:00
Horsehead Region of Orion
Observing location
Alpujarra, Spain
Planewave 12/5" scope
QSI 683 CCD camera
LRGB of 50:40:40:40 minutes
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B 33, IC 434 and NGC 2023 - The famous "Horse Head Nebula" in Orion. The horse head is a dark gaseous cloud and is exceedingly difficult to see, which surprises and disappoints most people, who have seen photos and think they will see the same thing in a telescope. IC 434 is the nebulous "reef" from which B33 protrudes and NGC 2023 is a bright emission nebula. This is an LRGB image of 50:40:40:40 minutes taken using the Planewave scope and QSI 683 camera. 

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