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Fast star passing through!


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About this observation
Nick Hewitt
Time of observation
28/11/2016 - 00:30
IC 405 (the Flaming Star nebula) with AE Aurigae and Melotte 31
Observing location
Billing, Northampton
Starwave 70mm triplet
EQ8 mount
Canon D60a with IDAS filter
Lodestar guiding on TMB 115mm refractor
30 x 115secs

AE Aurigae (the brightest star in the nebula upper centre) is a 6th magnitude variable that was flung from the Trapezium area of Orion along with Mu Columbae a couple of million years ago, and is passing through this faint emission nebula, and some reflected light is adding to the illumination of it. Nearby clusters add to the exotic scene - large, bright but not rich Melotte 31 divides IC 405 to the west and IC 410 to the east, the latter containing open cluster NGC 1893. I can't see either nebula from suburbia but large telescopes can give fair views visually from dark sites. 

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