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Hickson 23 in Eridanus


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About this observation
Nick Hewitt
Time of observation
23/01/2017 - 13:06
NGCs 1214, 1215 and 1216
Observing location
Siding Spring Observatory
439mm Planewave CDK (iTelescope 17)
Luminance filter
2 x 300 sec Bin2

There are fantastic sights in the Winter sky. This isn't one of them. But the Hickson galaxy groups are of interest to die-hard Deep Sky observers so I thought I would pop this image on the board. The three NGC galaxies are all 15th magnitude, the other two 16th and 17th. NGC 1214 and 1215 are spirals. No doubt the visual observers with dark skies and light buckets can see them, I certainly could not from home. If I get any "likes", I'll post Hickson 34. Bet you can't wait!!!

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