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NGC 2237 ( re-processed to show the HA emission)


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About this observation
Paul Anthony Brierley
Time of observation
26/01/2017 - 19:30
Rosette Nebula
Observing location
Whirlpool Observatory SK11
Pentacon 200 mm Telephoto lens
Canon (modified) 1000D
Losmandy G11 Gemini L4
60 x 180 seconds

This picture was captured during Thursday evening, between 19:30hrs and 22:30hrs. It is the famous Rosette nebula in Monoceros.

This is  a close up, of a much wider field, that has been taken with a vintage m42 threaded Pentacon 200 mm lens, attached to my modified EOS 1000D.

Stacked in DSS. Then post processed in Star Tools Astro Art and PS CS5. In Adobe I separated out the RGB channels, and saved each one as R - G - B. I then combined these to make a true RGB picture. That had the correct colour balance.

I hope you like the result.

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