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Taurus-Perseus nebulosity


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About this observation
Ray Emery
Time of observation
22/12/2016 - 21:00
Pleiades and California Nebula
Observing location
Brinkhill, Lincolnshire
Canon 6D modified, CLS filter
50mm lens @ f4
Skywatcher EQ6 Pro; no autoguiding
Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker
Processed in Photoshop CS2
1600 ISO; 11 x 15 mins frames, plus darks & flats
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A wide view of this area, showing something of the Taurus dark nebulosity complex.


Paul A Brierley's picture

This an very good picture. It show's the dark nebulae nicely.

It is something we don't normally associate with Taurus. Or the winter Milky Way.

NickDHewitt's picture

Hi Ray

It has been a while! I really like this shot. I trot a talk on dark nebulae around and would welcome use of this if you are happy . If you are , can you send me an uncompressed version, or less compressed. I always acknowledge sources.

Best wishes


Ray Emery's picture

Nick - happy to oblige! The BAA members' page server seems to be very dodgy - I will send a better quality version to you direct.


- Ray -

NickDHewitt's picture

Hi Ray

My replies to you on ordinary e-mail are being returned undelivered. I am on

I should be able to reply to you (and thank you!) thereafter.

Best wishes


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