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Fireworks galaxy


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About this observation
Kevin Gurney
Time of observation
17/09/2016 - 23:40
NGC 6946 (Fireworks galaxy)
Observing location
West Sheffield
Celestron 8SE, OAG,
Atik 460EX mono, SX guide cam
Baader filters
ASA 0.77 reducer corrector
Lum (IDAS) 9 x 600s bin 1x1, R,GB, each 5x300s bin 2x2

Taken over two nights last year but only recently processed this. Was doing battle with full moon, but pressed on anyway (beggars can't be choosers in UK...) Some detail in outer arms lost in the sky-glow as a result, but basic features are there..

Processed in Pixinsight and learning more about this very powerful package each time..

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