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Name Type Mag Constellation Right
Declination Number of
Name Type Mag Constellation Right
Declination Number of
NGC1770 Nebula Dorado 04h57m-68°25'0 images »
NGC1773 Nebula Dorado 04h58m-66°21'0 images »
NGC1785 Asterism Dorado 04h58m-68°49'0 images »
NGC1805 Globular cluster Dorado 05h02m-66°06'0 images »
NGC1829 Nebula Dorado 05h05m-68°03'0 images »
NGC1855 Asterism Dorado 05h09m-68°50'0 images »
NGC1863 Open cluster Dorado 05h11m-68°43'0 images »
NGC1869 Nebula Dorado 05h13m-67°22'0 images »
NGC1881 Open cluster Dorado 05h13m-69°17'0 images »
NGC1884 Nebula Dorado 05h15m-66°09'0 images »
NGC1899 HII region Dorado 05h17m-67°54'0 images »
NGC1901 Open cluster Dorado 05h18m-68°26'0 images »
NGC1911 Open cluster Dorado 05h19m-66°41'0 images »
NGC1915 Asterism Dorado 05h19m-66°49'0 images »
NGC1918 Supernova remnant Dorado 05h19m-69°39'0 images »
NGC1919 Nebula Dorado 05h20m-66°53'0 images »
NGC1925 Asterism Dorado 05h21m-65°47'0 images »
NGC1935 HII region Dorado 05h21m-67°57'0 images »
NGC1937 Asterism Dorado 05h22m-67°53'0 images »
NGC1945 Emission nebula Dorado 05h24m-66°27'0 images »
NGC1983 Open cluster Dorado 05h27m-68°59'0 images »
NGC1991 Duplicate Dorado 05h27m-67°25'0 images »
NGC1994 Open cluster Dorado 05h28m-69°08'0 images »
NGC2001 Asterism Dorado 05h29m-68°46'0 images »
NGC2020 Emission nebula Dorado 05h33m-67°42'0 images »
NGC2032 HII region Dorado 05h35m-67°34'0 images »
NGC2034 Asterism Dorado 05h35m-66°54'0 images »
NGC2052 Nebula Dorado 05h37m-69°46'0 images »
NGC2081 Nebula Dorado 05h39m-69°24'0 images »
NGC2084 Nebula Dorado 05h40m-69°45'0 images »
NGC2092 Open cluster Dorado 05h41m-69°13'0 images »
NGC2094 Open cluster Dorado 05h42m-68°55'0 images »
NGC2113 Nebula Dorado 05h45m-69°46'0 images »
NGC2125 Open cluster Dorado 05h50m-69°28'0 images »
NGC2151 Open cluster Dorado 05h56m-69°01'0 images »
NGC2176 Open cluster Dorado 06h01m-66°51'0 images »
IC2055 Nebula Dorado 04h17m-48°55'0 images »
IC2071 Galaxy cluster Dorado 04h26m-53°09'0 images »
IC2111 Nebula Dorado 04h51m-69°23'0 images »
IC2114 Duplicate Dorado 04h54m-69°11'0 images »
IC2117 Nebula Dorado 04h57m-68°26'0 images »
IC2126 Duplicate Dorado 05h21m-67°57'0 images »
IC2127 Duplicate Dorado 05h22m-67°58'0 images »
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