BAA RA Section Winter programme 2023



Date Presenter Topic
Jan. 6th

19:30 GMT (19:30 UTC)

Whitham D. Reeve
Anchorage, Alaska USA
HF Meteor Trail Reflections Observed at Anchorage, Alaska USA
UK observations using the new 6m beacon
Jan. 21st

10:00 GMT (10:00 UTC)

Dr Wolfgang Harman
Managing Director
Astropeiler Stockert Observetery
An Introduction to Radio Astronomy
This will be a training presentation introducing the subject of Radio Astronomy. No previous understanding of the subject is required
Feb. 3rd

19:30 GMT (19:30 UTC)

Dr. Ziri Younsi
UKRI Stephen Hawking Fellow
Mullard Space Science Laboratory
University College London
Imaging of black holes
with the Event Horizon Telescope
Mar. 3rd

19:30 GMT (19:30 UTC)

Dr. Chuck Higgins
Middle Tennessee State University
Physics and Astronomy Dept.
Citizen Science and Radio Jove
The Science and instrumentation for a
Radio exploration of Jupiter
Mar. 31st

19:30 GMT (18:30 UTC)

Dr John Veitch
Senior Lecturer
Institute for Gravitational Research
School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Glasgow
What gravitational waves can tell us about the universe

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