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Change Requests and Planned Enhancements

IdDate AddedRequestorDescriptionResponseStatusRelease Date
1 13/11/2016 Robin Leadbeater The FITS header field MID-JD is not a BeSS requirement and so it should be possible to load files without this field populated. An amendment will be made so that the MID-JD can be calculated based on either the DATE-OBS and EXPTIME fields, or the DATE-END and EXPTIME fields. Complete 17/11/2016
2 16/11/2016 Ken Harrison Add ability to search by spectrograph type. Great idea. Awaiting Development
3 16/11/2016 John Paraskeva Add API or web service that would make it possible to upload a spectrum from an authorised app. Good idea but not likely in the short term. Under Consideration
4 12/11/2017 Andrew Smith One possible enhancement for echelle spectra plotting would be to let the user select a specific file/order or wavelength (with the software picking which order to display). I would prefer the latter as what wavelength range is where depends on the spectrograph. You would have to watch out for the overlap and pick the one nearest the center! This is possible though I would hope the wavelength selection functionality can provide most of the functionality that is needed. It is also worth noting that for detailed analysis it is often best to download the fits files. Under Consideration
5 23/05/2018 Robin Leadbeater The hyperlinks on the list object page do not work when the object name contains special characters like dot and hash. Needs investigation. Awaiting Development
6 26/10/2018 Robin Leadbeater Would it be possible/useful to have an option to order the table of spectra in submission date order (eg by ID number)? This would be useful for example when looking for new contributions to an ongoing campaign eg as with X Per currently. I can see this would be useful and possibly even essential for campaigns. The database holds the date when I spectrum was added. I will add an option to choose to order spectra by observation date or date added. Complete 26/10/2018
7 19/11/2018 Robin Leadbeater When users attempt to upload a file with a new instrument configuration then create a prompt so they can set it up without needing to contact the administrators. This would be good but is not a quick change. Also, some files contain fits fields with the telescope, camera and spectrograph, which would allow automated creation. Awaiting Development
8 22/02/2019 Robin Leadbeater I sometimes refer people directly to specific spectrum plots in the database. It would be useful to have a button on the page which brings up the database entry for that spectrum where they can see further information and download the spectrum fits file if needed. This is a good idea. Awaiting Development
9 19/09/2019 Andrew Wilson Introduce validation of the position of the first 4 primary HDU fields. This should be 1:SIMPLE, 2:BITPIX, 3:NAXIS, 4:NAXISn. See Important validation to ensure FITS compliance but may be tricky to implement as will require a structural change to the loading and checking of the file. Awaiting Development
10 04/11/2019 Robin Leadbeater Some spectra are plotting with the wrong wavelength range. See V0566 Cas by Andrew Smith on 28th Nov 2017, H-alpha is around 6500 Angstrom instead of 6563. The graph plotter is not looking for the FITS header field CRPIX1. This is absent in most amateur spectra or zero, but is part of the core FITS standard giving the reference pixel for the wavelength. Complete 23/11/2019
11 22/12/2019 Andrew Wilson When downloading spectra with Google Chrome single quotes are being placed around the filename. I am almost certain this is a fix for one problem causing a different problem. I think the quotes help to ensure the filename is treated correctly. Testing on different browsers required to test method of removing the single quotes. Awaiting Development
12 14/05/2020 Robin Leadbeater Amend the import to require observer coordinates. Modern software allows the population of these fields. This should be feasible as a modification to the import checks. Awaiting Development
13 02/08/2020 Robin Leadbeater Add a button to the table of selected spectra (and/or perhaps on the plot page) which displays the fits header. Nice idea. Awaiting Development
14 02/08/2020 Robin Leadbeater Include the comments added on submission to the columns displayed by default (preferably in a position visible without scrolling right on narrower screens) on the basis that if someone has gone to the trouble of adding a comment it is likely to be important but could be missed and would not be carried over in the downloaded spectrum header. Good idea. Awaiting Development
15 02/08/2020 Robin Leadbeater There is an issue which comes up with extended objects where several spectra may be extracted from the same observation. I normally distinguish them by an adding a comment and/or an attached image but because they have the same object name and time they are rejected as duplicates. I have got round this in the past by changing the time by an insignificant amount. Good point. I can't think of an easy way to do this as it will require a structural change to the database and needs to be done in a way that avoids people accidentally duplicating observations. Perhaps some kind of (x,y) or (RA,Dec) offset. Under Consideration
16 25/09/2020 Robin Leadbeater Modify search to ignore spaces and case in object names. A good idea. Awaiting Development
17 23/07/2022 Robin Leadbeater Limit the number of spectra displayed in one call to stop the page hanging when for example making an unfiltered query to view the latest spectra. This is a good idea, though I would not impose a simple limit as it needs to be obvious when the list has been truncated and there needs to be an easy method to access those spectra not listed. This could be via a number limit field with a value that can be updated by the user, or by next/previous buttons to access multiple sub-lists of spectra though that would be a lot more complex to implement. Awaiting Development