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Object Subtypes

Object Subtype Object Type BAA Section Comment

Object SubtypeObject TypeBAA SectionComment
alpha Cyg VariableStarVariable Star
alpha2 CVn VariableStarVariable Star
AM HerStarVariable Star
BeStarVariable Star
Be CandidateStarVariable Star
Blue SupergiantStarVariable Star
BY Dra VariableStarVariable Star
Carbon StarStarDeep Sky
Cepheid VariableStarVariable Star
Delta Scuti VariableStarVariable Star
Double or MultipleStarDeep Sky
Dwarf NovaStarVariable Star
Eclipsing BinaryStarVariable Star
Flare StarStarVariable Star
FU Ori VariableStarVariable Star
Herbig Ae/BeStarVariable Star
High Proper-MotionStarNone
Horizontal Branch StarStarNone
Irregular VariableStarVariable Star
LBVStarVariable StarLuminous Blue Variable
Long Period VariableStarVariable Star
MicrolensStarVariable Star
MicroquasarStarVariable Star
Mira VariableStarVariable Star
Non VariableStarNoneTo be used for non-variable stars where other subtypes do not apply
NovaStarVariable Star
Nova CandidateStarVariable Star
Peculiar StarStarNone
Pulsating VariableStarVariable Star
R Coronae Borealis VariableStarVariable Star
Recurrent NovaStarVariable Star
RR Lyr VariableStarVariable Star
RS CVn VariableStarVariable Star
Semi-Regular VariableStarVariable Star
Spectroscopic BinaryStarDeep Sky
Subtype not in databaseStarNone
SupernovaStarVariable Star
SymbioticStarVariable Star
Symbiotic CandidateStarVariable Star
Transient of Unknown TypeStarVariable Star
TTSStarVariable StarT Tauri Star
UXORStarVariable Star
Variable of Unknown TypeStarVariable Star
White DwarfStarNone
X-ray BinaryStarVariable Star
Young Stellar ObjectStarVariable Star
HII RegionNebulaDeep Sky
PlanetaryNebulaDeep Sky
Supernova RemnantNebulaDeep Sky
AGNGalaxyVariable Star
BL LacGalaxyVariable Star
EllipticalGalaxyDeep Sky
Galaxy of Unknown TypeGalaxyDeep Sky
IrregularGalaxyDeep Sky
QuasarGalaxyVariable Star
Seyfert Type 1GalaxyVariable Star
Seyfert Type 2GalaxyVariable Star
SpiralGalaxyDeep Sky