BAA Spectroscopy Database Submission Requirements

The database is open for anyone to view and download spectra, while to upload spectra you will require a dedicated login. Requests for logins should be sent to the database manager ( along with a sample 1D FITS file (needs to be of a target that easily allows the administrators to assess your processing such as wavelength calibration and response correction), your observing location and equipment details. It is not a requirement to be a member of the BAA to receive a login, though it is encouraged. Click here for details on joining the BAA.

To be admitted to the database, spectra from slit spectrographs are expected to be dark frame and flat field corrected, wavelength calibrated, instrument and atmospheric response corrected, and to be submitted as 1D FITS files conforming to the BeSS standard:

In addition to conforming to the BeSS standard, submission to the database requires that the following FITS header field is populated.

OBJNAME - To be populated with a standard recognised name for the observed object.

Compliant spectra are generated by free amateur spectroscopy software such as ISIS, BASS and VSpec amongst others.

It is understood that for slitless spectrographs it may not be possible to meet the requirement for a flat field and/or response correction. Such spectra may be accepted as long as the other calibration and processing steps have been followed.

Any questions on how to use the database or create 1D FITS spectra should be directed to the BAA Spectroscopy Forum in the first instance, and otherwise the database manager (