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Recent Updates

22/11/2022Amended the page that displays an image associated with a spectrum to allow links to the image page.
19/11/2022Further tweaks to the header in fits download to try to solve problem experienced by some when downloading spectra with .fit extension in Chrome.
17/11/2022Tweaked header in fits download to try to solve problem experienced by some when downloading spectra.
10/03/2022Added sort of the Objects in the Review Spectra object list.
06/02/2022Minor changes for PHP and MySQL compatibility on new server.
22/10/2021Acceptable limits for start and end wavelength changed from 300 to 10,000, to 150 to 14,000. This was to allow spectra into the near IR and UV. Note this is only a very rough check on the data since it covers wavelengths in either Angstroms or nm.
21/10/2021Maximum file upload size increased to 1 MB.
25/09/2021Change to how filenames are dealt with in the fits and zip downloads. Previously quotes had been added to the start and end of the filename to avoid problems with special characters. This created a separate problem as the filenames ended up with the quotes in some browsers. Instead switch to regular expression allowing alphanumeric, underscore, minus sign and dot. All other characters are removed.
11/09/2021Tweaks to get ready for migration to PHP 7 and MySQL 8. Changes for deprecation of implode function.
07/08/2021Added spectrograph summary to the database statistics page.
09/08/2020Added BAA Section to Object Subtype. This is to make it easier to report to the BAA Sections.
02/08/2020Replaced function for converting BSS_NORM, BSS_COSM and BSS_TELL as Robin Leadbeater spotted this wasn't flagging spectra as normalised.
06/06/2020Updated to make compliant with PHP 7.
06/06/2020Fixed bug with login screen when wrong username or password was entered.
23/02/2020Released bug fix to selecting spectra by wavelength.
02/01/2020Amended functionality of search operation when reviewing spectra.
The text entered in the search box was restricting the spectra list as well as the object list. So if you searched on an object name by typing a name in the text box, e.g. Betelgeuse, then although it would show alf Ori in the object box it would only return spectra where Betelgeuse had been used as the name in the fits file. Now fixed.
Changed object dropdown functionality. If there is no text in the search box then the dropdown includes 'All'. If there is search text then there is no 'All' option and by default the first object will be selected.
23/11/2019Released bug fix to spectrum plots where the wavelength range was wrong when CRPIX1 was present and non-zero.
14/09/2019Increased maximum fits file size from 300KB to 500KB.
01/04/2019Replaced banner spectrum with AC Her by Hugh Allen.
26/10/2018Added option to the Review Spectra page to choose to order spectra by observation date or date added.
03/06/2018Altered multi-graph display to order spectra in legend by ascending JD.
23/05/2018Corrected typo in some spectrum plots which used spectum.
14/05/2018Replaced contact email address from the Variable Star Section Database Manager to a new dedicated Spectroscopy Database Manager email address.
02/12/2017Replaced additional submission requirements page with full submission requirements. Linked to from the Request a Login button and the submission requirements link on the upload spectra page.
22/01/2017Disabled validation functionality after discussion with other administrators. The number of spectra were too great to be individually reviewed. Instead will rely on individuals to submit valid spectra, and only observers who can create spectra of the required quality will be given logins. Pages amended: Database Statistics, Review Spectra, and Graph.
02/01/2017Fixed bug with Review Spectra page. Deleted spectra were showing when a value had been entered in the filter object search box.
04/12/2016Added a validation summary to the database statistics page.
27/11/2016When checking for duplicates during uploads added the start wavelength as a parameter. This is to fix a bug with uploading Eschelle spectra where multiple FITS files have the same bulk parameters but are for different wavelength ranges and are not duplicates.
22/11/2016Improved the wording for when a spectrum of a new object is uploaded to indicate that users now set these up in the next screen.
22/11/2016Modified FITS interpreter to set any negative intensity values to zero. Some BASS files have a negative or NaN as the first intensity value.
21/11/2016Extended the maximum FITS header blocks which can be read to 4.
20/11/2016Added capability to upload and display png as well as jpg associated images.
20/11/2016Added the filter object parameters to be included in the main Fetch Spectra query. So if someone selects a type of object then it will filter both the list of objects and the list of spectra.
18/11/2016Fixed issue with requirement for mid JD that is not part of the BeSS standard. Now able to calculate mid JD from DATE-OBS and EXPTIME.
17/11/2016Increased maximum FITS file size to 300KB to cope with Echelle spectrum in single FITS file.
16/11/2016Increased maximum number FITS files which can be uploaded in one go to 30 for normal spectra and 37 for Echelle spectra.
16/11/2016Fixed bug with user setup screen where defaults for flats, response correction and flux calibration were being set to the wrong database fields.
6/11/2016Added flat field to the database. Flag on the upload screen, an option for the default value in the user setup, and field displayed in the review spectra screen.
6/11/2016Fixed bug with user default response correction and flux calibration overriding entries when uploading spectra.