Aug 14 2013

Patrick Schmeer reports on BAAVSS-Alert...

PNV J20233073+2046041

Koichi Itagaki (Yamagata, Japan) reports the discovery of an apparent nova of magnitude 6.8 in Delphinus:

Taichi Kato reports on vsnet-alert 16215 (Aug 16)

Nova Del 2013 spectrum

Fujii-san has provided the following spectrum.

Balmer lines were accompanied by P Cyg profiles. The absorption center of Halpha was -1300 km/s. Fe II (37) (42) (49) lines were also prominent with P Cyg profiles.  O I 7477A, 7773A, 8446A appeared to be present.

The spectrum resembles that of a pre-maximum nova with a relatively slow expansion rate.





Charts taken  from AAVSO Chart Plotter.


V339 Del  (Nova Delphini 2013)

A single 1 min exposure with a 100mm, f/2 lens taken at 21:13 from Chelmsford, Essex. The Nova has been marked with lines.  Nick James

Low resolution spectrum taken with a staranalyser diffraction grating. Aug 16 2013  David Boyd
1 degree direct          1 degree inverted        1 degree reversed


Aug 14.926UT. Denis Buczynski
Spectrum taken on Aug 20  Mike Harlow

R~1000 resolution spectrum of Nova Del taken 5th Sept, with a C11 + LISA spectrograph and processed with ISIS. The prominent peaks are the Hydrogen Balmer emission lines.

David Boyd

Spectrum taken with a 12 degree objective prism on a 30cm F4 Astrograph.  September 6th

Mike Harlow