CCD Chip Data Tables

Karen Holland

The data in these tables is compiled from various sources and is intended to give a rough comparison of properties only. Data that is currently not included will be added as it becomes available. If you can supply chip parameters that are not listed, please contact me.

Starlite Xpress
Camera SXSLX8MX5-CHX516
Chip Sony ICX027BLA-6Phillips FT12(FT)Sony ICX055CKSony ICX084AL
Pixel Size 12.4x16.615x159.8x12.67.4x7.4
Array 500x256512x512500x290660x494
Full Well Capacity80K150K120K40K
Anti-Bloom? >1000xyes>800x>800x
Dark Current <1e/s @-20°C1e/s @-30°C
Readout Noise <20e25e<15e
Spectral Response 30%@550nm, 15%@420nm and 720nm30%@530nm, 15%@400nm and 650nmpeaks @520nm, 50% of peak at 400nm and 670nmpeaks @520nm, 50% of peak at 400nm and 670nm

Camera Pictor 208XTPictor216XTPictor416XTPictor1616XT
Chip TC255(FT)TC255(FT)KAF-0400KAF1600
Pixel Size 10x1010x109x99x9
Array 336x243336x243768x5121536x1024
Full Well Capacity50K50K85K85K
Anti-Bloom? yesyesnono
Dark Current <8e/5s@-5°C<8e/5s@-5°C<1e/5s@-20°C<1e/5s@-20°C
Readout Noise 36e36e<15e<15e
Spectral Response 28%(450nm), 45%(550nm), 62%(650nm)28%(450nm), 45%(550nm), 62%(650nm)12%(450nm), 36%(550nm), 35%(650)nm12%(450nm), 39%(550nm), 32%(650nm)
CTE 0.999950.999950.999990.99999
O/Ps 1111

Camera ST4ST5ST6ST7ST8
Chip TC211TC255TC241KAF-0400KAF-1600
Pixel Size 13.75x16(see as for Pictor 208XT)27x23(see as for Pictor 416XT)(see as for Pictor 606XT)
Array 192x164375x241
Full Well Capacity80K91K
Anti-Bloom? yesyes
Dark Current 250e/s@0°C10e/s@-30°C
Readout Noise 150e

Camera Pixel 255Pixel 237
Chip TC255(FT)TC237
Pixel Size (see as for Pictor 208XT)7.4x7.4
Array 640x480
Full Well Capacity20K
Anti-Bloom? yes
Dark Current 5e/s@0°
Readout Noise 15e

Camera KX1, AP1KX2, AP2
Chip KAF-0400KAF-1600
Pixel Size (see as for Pictor 416XT)(see as for Pictor 606XT)
Full Well Capacity
Anti-Bloom? optionaloptional
Dark Current (see as for Pictor 416XT)(see as for Pictor 606XT)
Readout Noise
Spectral Response
Camera KX4, AP4KX14KX260AP6
Chip KAF-4200KAF-1400KAF-260KAF-1000
Pixel Size 9x99x920x2024x24
Array 2048x20481300x1028512x5121024x1024
Full Well Capacity85K45K>150K>170K
Anti-Bloom? noyesnono
Dark Current 0.2-0.6e/s@-10°C0.1-0.3e/S@-10°C1e/s@-10°C30e@25°C
Readout Noise 15e15e15e15-23e
Spectral Response see below for KAF chips
CTE 0.999990.999990.999970.99997
Camera AP7AP8AP10
Pixel Size 24x2424x2414x14
Array 512x5121024x10242048x2048
Full Well Capacity>350K>350K270K
Anti-Bloom? nonono
Dark Current 50e@20°C50e@20°C25e@25°C
Readout Noise 15e15e10-20e
Spectral Response see below for SITe chips
CTE 0.999990.999990.99997

Sirius Instruments
Camera CWIP cameras
Chip Sanyo LC9931(FT)
Pixel Size 12.7x15
Array 378x240
Full Well Capacity110K

SMD Cameras
Camera 1M154M154M4Mach1
Chip TH7888 FTTH7899 FFTH7899 FFTH7899
Pixel Size 14x1414x1414x1436x36
Array 1024x10242048x20482048x2048512x512
Full Well Capacity250K250k250k250k
Anti-Bloom? yesnonoyes
Dark Current 300e/s@25°C300e/s@25°C
Readout Noise 1.3 counts rms1.3 counts rms
Spectral Response 40% max @750nm40% max @750nm

Finger Lakes Instrumentation
Camera IMG260IMG1300IMG400IMG1600IMG1000
Chip KAF260KAF1300KAF400KAF1600KAF1000
Pixel Size 20x2016x169x99x924x24
Array 512x5121280x1024768x5121552x10321024x1024
Full Well Capacity400k150k85k85k400k
Anti-Bloom? see details for kodak chips below
Dark Current
Readout Noise
Spectral Response

Back illuminated SITE chips with AR coating have 70%@450nm, 80%@550nm, 85%@650nm Back illuminated SITE chips with UVAR coating have 67%@350nm, 72%@450nm, 70%@550nm, 70%@650nm
KAF chips without antiblooming gates have 10%@450nm, 28%@550nm, 38%@650nm and still rising to a maximum of 40%@750nm KAF chips with antiblooming gates have 5%@450nm, 15%@550nm, 20%@650nm and 22%@750nm

Karen Holland