Data Submission

Observations can either be entered into the database manually, or uploaded using the BAAVSS Excel Spreadsheet.

You will need a login username and password to manually enter or upload observations. 

Click here to obtain one or e-mail the Database secretary at


     Guides (PDF)

     Reporting Visual Observations  (rev. 20/07/15) Please Read!

     Notes on how to upload observations to the BAAVSS DB  (rev. 04/01/19)

     Notes on submitting CCD Observations 

     BAA support for AAVSO extended file format  (New 04/01/19)



     Spreadsheet and sequence file downloads


     Visual Report Form  


     Excel Spreadsheet  (rev. 02/10/18)     


      Photometry  SS (rev 02/11/18)


     Sequence File 280114