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OJ287 Campaign


As a result of this observing campaign, the following papers have been published...

The Structure of the October/November 2005 outburst in OJ287 and the precessing Black Hole model.    M. Valtonen, M. Kidger, H. Lehto and G. Poyner.  A&A, 477 2 (2008) 407-412.

A massive binary black hole system in OJ 287 and a test of general relativity.   Valtonen et al, NATURE (letters) Vol 452 April 17 2008.

Dr. Mauri Valtonen has constructed a future light curve calculation for OJ287.  The graphic depicts the sort of activity we can expect to see up to 2014. Click here to see!

This observing campaign received the support of Dr. Mauri Valtonen (Dept. of Physics, Tuorla University, Finland & Dept. of Physics, University of West Indies), Dr. Harry Lehto (Tuorla Observatory, University of Turku, Finland) and Dr. Mark Kidger (Herschel Science Centre, European Space Astronomy Centre).

Final update January 16th 2008 at 11h 00m UT

2006 - 2008 light curve

    The 2005 Outburst

  The 2007 Outburst


   Unfiltered CCD





Contributing observers:-


Tom Lloyd Evans, Chris Jones, Stefan Karge, Robert Paterson, Gary Poyner, Mike Simonsen, John Smith, Dave Storey, John Toone, Jani Virtanen


Juda C. Amigo, David Boyd, Steve Brady, Tim Crawford, Tim Haymes, Teofilo Arranz Heras, Nick Hewitt, Guy Hurst *, Adrian Jones, Stefan Karge(+*), Robin Leadbeater, Frank Melillo, Jennie McCormick, Cliff Meredith, Richard Miles, Ian Miller, Martin Mobberley, Roger Pickard, Gary Poyner,* Diego Rodriguez, Graham Salmon, Albert Sanchez, Jeremy Shears, Dave Storey (+*), Javier Temprano Gonzalez (+*), Francois Teyssier, Andrew Wilson
* =
Bradford Robotic Telescope

Please use these charts for observing OJ287