Preliminary Charts

Whilst the old reporting software restricted file lengths in the designation/name of the object concerned,  there is no such restriction now with the new online reporting procedure.  Therefore, you can report the names as given here or the full name of the star concerned,


V479 And

SwiftJ1910-0546 Aql

OT J0515+3030 Aur

TCPJ0611+4041 Aur

QV Aqr

SDSSJ2044-0459 Aqr

HS1434+2355 Boo

SDSSJ1404+1723 Boo

SDSSJ1433+1011 Boo

SDSSJ1440+4947 Boo

DDE 22 Cam

SDSSJ1208+3550 CVn

SDSSJ1219+4715 CVn

SDSSJ0759+1914 Cnc

SDSSJ0812+1318 Cnc

SDSSJ0813+2813 Cnc

SDSSJ0824+0737 Cnc

SDSSJ0840+2204 Cnc

SDSSJ0911+0841 Cnc

SDSSJ0911+3151 Cnc

SDSSJ0039+0054 Cet

FU Com

SDSSJ1224+1841 Com

SDSSJ1232+2222 Com


SDSSJ1536+3328 CrB

RXJ1831+6511 Dra

SDSSJ0743+1838 Gem

SDSSJ0748+3125 Gem

SDSSJ0803+2848 Gem

NY Her

SDSSJ1604+1615 Her

SDSSJ1619+1351 Her

OT J1639+1224 Her

V524 Hya

SDSSJ0932+0109 Hya

SDSSJ1031+0852 Leo


FV Lyn

SDSSJ0802+4010 Lyn

SDSSJ0900+4301 Lyn

V370 Peg

MASTER 0248+5012 Per

V1212 Tau

OT J0330+2014 Tau

SDSSJ0333+0007 Tau

SDSSJ0837+5645 UMa

SDSSJ0951+6029 UMa

SDSSJ1026+4754 UMa

SDSSJ1135+5322 UMa

SDSSJ1202+4503 UMa

SDSSJ1305+5838 UMa

SDSSJ1138+0619 Vir

SDSSJ1216+0520 Vir

SDSSJ1248+0720 Vir

IL Vul