2nd Twinkle / ARIEL Workshop on Exoplanets held on 2017 March 2


The agenda for the meeting comprised the following talks:


11:00–11:15 Welcome and Overview (Giorgio Savini)
11:15–11:30 The 'ExoCafe' experience at UCLO (Steve Fossey)
11:30–11:45 The ORBYTS Programme (Laura McKemmish)
11:45–12:00 The Konica Minolta Platform (Marco Rocchetto)
12:00-12:45 "Pro-Am Collaboration on Exoplanet Observing” BAA Exoplanet Group (Sam Anahory, Mark Trapnell, Mark Salisbury)
12:45–13:00 Challenges of millimagnitude photometry (Richard Miles)


Richard Miles





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Updated: 2017 March 8

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