The 8 main satellites of Saturn

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h m s

(as in inverting telescope)

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(not inverted or flipped)


Magnitudes at opposition

I MimasII EnceladusIII TethysIV DioneV RheaVI TitanVII HyperionVIII Iapetus
12.911.710. - 11.9

This page displays the 8 brightest satellites orbiting Saturn. The display does indicate whether a moon passes in front of or behind the planet. So if a moon other than Iapetus is listed at the top but is not visible it must be behind the planet. Iapetus is often further out than the extent of the display area. An ellipse shows the extent of the rings (out to the edge of ring A).

Adjusting the calendar causes the display to be recalculated.

The calculation scheme is given in Jean Meeus: "Astronomical Algorithms", 2nd edition (corrected August 2009), Willmann-Bell Inc. The scheme given in chapter 46 is used, with the accurate VSOP87 method (Chapter 32 and Appendix III) for determining the position of Saturn relative to the Earth. The ring aspect is calculated according to Chapter 45.