Outer planets & Pluto

Major planet positions are calculated by the VSOP87 method (J. Meeus, Astronomical Algorithms, Willmann-Bell). Positions of Pluto are calculated from the latest osculating elements given in the Minor Planet Centre's database. Star data are from the Hipparcos/Tycho databases.

Link to chartOpposition dateOpposition
Uranus 20182018 Oct 245.7
Neptune 20182018 Sep 77.8
Pluto 20182018 Jul 1214.2

next to a chart provides a link to a red-on-black version, for display while observing.

The printed Handbooks have always plotted the outer planets on the coordinate system for the mid-year (eg, J2012.5). Here we have used J2000.0 in the hope that it is more useful in practice. Some feedback would be useful.

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