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Steve HarveyEditor
Andrew SinclairDiagrams for rising and setting times for planets
Andrew SinclairDiagram of appearance of planets
Andrew SinclairVisibility of planets
Andrew SinclairTables and diagrams for Saturn's satellites
Barry LeggettJupiter's satellites
Des LoughneyHeliocentric times Of primary minima
Fred EspenakSolar and lunar eclipses
Gary PoynerVariable star data
Gordon TaylorJupiter ephemeris and central meridians
Gordon TaylorSaturn ephemeris and central meridians
Graham RelfUranus and Neptune diagrams
Jay AndersonEclipse Weather prediction
John IslesDouble stars and Mira stars
John MasonMeteor diary
John TooneVariable Star of the year
Jonathan ShanklinComets
Ken HallLunar librations
Richard KayeSystem III Jupiter data
Richard MilesAsteroid and dwarf planet ephemerides
Richard MilesAsteroid and dwarf planet orbital elements
Richard MilesNEO close approach
Richard MilesAsteroid favourable observing opportunities
Richard MilesMinor planets
Richard MilesBright stars
Richard MilesPluto charts
Richard MilesAsteroid occultations
Robert MackenzieCarrington Rotations
Susan StewartBright Stars Data
Tim HaymesLunar occultations
Tim HaymesGrazing Lunar occultations
Tony EvansMercury and Venus ephemerides
Tony EvansMars ephemeris and central meridian
William ThuillotDiagrams of Jupiter's satellites
Xavier JubierSolar and lunar eclipses
Some resumés
Tony Evans

I studied Theoretical Physics at Birmingham University: BSc(1957), PhD(1960).

After temporary research posts in the USA, Denmark and Brazil, I was appointed to a professorship at the National University, Buenos Aires. After revolution in Argentina, returned to the UK and joined the Physics faculty at Sussex University in 1967, retiring in 1993. Between 1980 and 2001 I was also a 3rd level course tutor for the Open University. My research, published mainly in Nuclear Physics and Journal of Physics (A & G), was in the field of nuclear models. I am still a member of the IOP.

My current interest is in the mechanics of the Solar System and I have computed the Mars, Venus and Mercury ephemerides for the Handbook over the past several years.

Barry Leggett

BSc Maths at Southampton

Computer consultant

Jean Meeus
Jean Meeus

I am a retired meteorologist (I worked at the Met Office of Brussels Airport), but my main interest is mathematical astronomy (eclipses, occultations, planetary positions and phenomena, asteroids).

I was born in December 1928 and studied mathematics at the university. I like classical music and no interest for sport.

Richard Miles
Dr Richard Miles

B.Sc, Ph.D in Physical Chemistry at Bristol Univ.

Retired scientist with special interests in photometry and the studies of asteroids and comets.

I currently maintain all of the sections in the Handbook dealing with Asteroids and Dwarf Planets except for the details on Asteroid Occultations.

Born 1951 and took up an interest in Astronomy when 6 years old following the launch of the first artificial satellites. BAA member since 1966 having been involved in most branches of Astronomy fostering pro-am cooperation and encouraging public understanding and appreciation of the subject.

Section Director
Steve Harvey

Section Director, Steve Harvey

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