1. Jupiter reappears with major outbreaks on NEB and NTB (June 2012.)

2. Jupiter's northern upheavals coming into focus (July 2012.)

3. Progress of Jupiter's great northern upheaval 2012 July-August.

4. Multispectral imaging of the EZ and NTB coloration events.

5. Fireball on Jupiter, 2012 Sep.10.

6. Renewal of rift activity in the revived NEB: Image set of GRS hemisphere, 2012 Aug-Sep.

7. The accelerating circulation of Jupiter's Great Red Spot, Oct 2012.

8. Moon transits close to Jupiter opposition, Dec 2012

9. Jupiter in 2012/13:  Interim report no.9 (2013 Jan.): 'Interim report on Jupiter, 2012 Aug.-Dec.

Appendix 1:  NNTZ: Anticyclonic ovals, 2008-2012 (Gianluigi Adamoli & John Rogers)
Appendix 2:  NEBn:  Dynamic interactions of spots
Appendix 3:  Equatorial Band: Tracking the f. end
Appendix 4:  SEBn: A new South Equatorial Disturbance?
Appendix 5:  Zonal wind profiles (Grischa Hahn)
Appendix 6:  Fireballs on Jupiter (Dr Ricardo Hueso)

10. Jupiter update:  NNTBs jet;  NEBn white ovals; new SED; STB near oval BA.

11. Update on the STB & other events in the southern hemisphere, May 2013.

12.The SEBs jet in 2012/13.

13. List of observers for 2012/13