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TAV J0550+543 Revisited

Mike Collins

I have reanalysed observations of this star1 with the number of available estimates increased from 78 to 140. More than double the number of positive sightings from 30 to 71 were used.

A least squares fit of a sinusoidal light curve shows very little change from my original analysis giving a new linear ephemeris of JDmax =2447458.73+307.95E with mean errors of +/-2.8 days and +/-0.05 day in the epoch and period, respectively. This is just a little longer than the previous determination of 305.82 days.2 The star would seem to be quite well behaved.

However, the best fit with regard to the range is 10.7 to 15.0 if the colour index (vis-TP2415) of 1.0 is retained. This would suggest that the star's range would be 11.7 to 16.0 in the visual with the latest maxima being rather brighter than normal. I have already suggested that there may be an even longer cycle of brighter maxima but at present we do not have enough data, and I do not have the software to confirm this.

observers;-K G Andersson, M Collins, D Gill, G M Hurst, C P Jones, H W McGee, C Newman, G Poyner, M Westlund.

1: M Collins, The Astronomer, vol.34, no.397, p.20 (1997 May)
2: Guy Hurst Mike Collins' discoveries after VSSC99

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