BAAVSS help page

This page is intended to explain the BAAVSS information that is provided on this web site, how it is organised, and how to access it quickly.

If you are interested in data for an analysis project, e-mail the director Roger Pickard with details. Observations themselves are not made available on these web pages but data files can usually be supplied with the proviso that normal credits are given to the BAAVSS in any published work.

The section records are mostly of variable stars but a few galactic nuclei (Seyferts, Quasars) are also monitored. Some variable types are uncertain and may be amended as more observations accumulate. The various lists are generated semi-automatically from the database at least monthly, and sometimes weekly as new observations or old records are logged.

To find information on a particular variable follow the objects link and then click on the star name for an observation summary.

Observers are recommended to use the section's own chart sequences and some are made available for download; click on charts to see a list of these plus information about obtaining paper copies by post.

Articles about specific variables and interesting activity are added at irregular intervals and often include detailed light curves and other diagrams or CCD images. Click on Articles for the full list of links.
Some items are from the VSS Circulars but note that only selected articles are uploaded some time after publication - for the latest section news and information, subscribe to the circulars.

Light curves can be plotted using the BAAVSS Light Curve Plotter

If you are new to the BAA and the astronomy of variable stars, check up about the Section where there are some details and items on various themes. A list of the constellations and a few basic articles are included.

For those interested in facts and figures about the database, or in observer lists and recent observational totals, click on statistics

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