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ObservingList - Class in org.britastro.grelf.hopper
Frame to hold the observing list table.
ObservingList(ObservingListClient) - Constructor for class org.britastro.grelf.hopper.ObservingList
ObservingListClient - Interface in org.britastro.grelf.hopper
Any class constructing an ObservingList needs to implement this to enable user actions to work.
ObservingListTableModel - Class in org.britastro.grelf.hopper
Holds data for the ObservingList table and manages saving them as a disc file (observinglist.csv) and reloading them .
ObservingListTableModel(ObservingList) - Constructor for class org.britastro.grelf.hopper.ObservingListTableModel
ObservingLookAndFeel - Class in org.britastro.grelf.plaf
This class was an experiment that did not work.
ObservingLookAndFeel() - Constructor for class org.britastro.grelf.plaf.ObservingLookAndFeel
ObservingTheme - Class in org.britastro.grelf.plaf
Theme that uses only red and black, for minimal effect on dark-adapted astronomers' eyes.
ObservingTheme() - Constructor for class org.britastro.grelf.plaf.ObservingTheme
ok() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.SkyPointPane
order() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.RangeDouble
Ensure that low <= high.
org.britastro.grelf - package org.britastro.grelf
org.britastro.grelf.astro - package org.britastro.grelf.astro
org.britastro.grelf.hopper - package org.britastro.grelf.hopper
org.britastro.grelf.plaf - package org.britastro.grelf.plaf