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tableChanged(TableModelEvent) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.hopper.ObservingList
Implementing TableModelListener.
tan() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.Angle
tanDegs(double) - Static method in class org.britastro.grelf.Maths
Get tangent of an angle in degrees.
text - Variable in class org.britastro.grelf.hopper.XYText
toDegrees() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.Dec
toDegrees() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.RA
toDouble() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.JulianDate
Get the numerical JD.
toFoldedString(String) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.SkyPoint
toFoldedString() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.Star
More detailed and more suitable for display to the user - reasonably formatted multi-line text.
toGregorianCalendar() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.JulianDate
toHours() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.RA
toImageTimestampFormat() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.JulianDate
Get the date/time in the format yyyy:MM:dd HH:mm:ss
toMeanSiderealTimeAtGreenwichInDegrees() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.JulianDate
Uses method given in J.Meeus "Astronomical Algorithms" (2nd Edn) Chapter 12.
toMsSince1970() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.JulianDate
Convert to milliseconds since 1970.0 UT, as used in Java and other programming systems.
toString() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.Angle
toString(Angle.Units) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.Angle
toString(Angle.Format, int) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.Angle
Convert to string comprising degrees (or hours), minutes and seconds with the correct symbols, specifying the number of fractional digits to show for the seconds.
toString() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.Dec
toString() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.Epoch
toString() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.JulianDate
toString() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.Magnitude
toString() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.ProperMotion
toString() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.RA
toString() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.SkyPoint
toString() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.SkyVector
toString(Angle.Units) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.SkyVector
toString() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.Star
Simplified summary
toString() - Method in enum org.britastro.grelf.astro.Variability
toString() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.Gaussian
Get a String representation of the Gaussian
toString() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.RangeDouble
Get a String representation of the RangeInt
toXML() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.Magnitude
Creates a element, either containing a simple value (if the band id is empty) or 2 sub-elements: and .
toXML() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.ProperMotion
<PM> and sub-elements in a single line.
toXML() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.SkyPoint
Return elements.
toXmlDateTime() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.JulianDate
Returns dateTime in W3C schema format.
TWO_PI - Static variable in class org.britastro.grelf.Angle