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darken(Component) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.plaf.ObservingTheme
Make the shades of red darker, according to a fixed sequence, and update the component tree from the topmost component displayed by the application.
Dec - Class in org.britastro.grelf.astro
Representation of declination (celestial latitude).
Dec(double, double, double) - Constructor for class org.britastro.grelf.astro.Dec
Can pass in fractional degrees or minutes but will be held in normalised form with integer degrees and minutes plus fractional seconds.
10.2.1 Important change: previously the degrees part could be negative but min and sec were expected to be positive (as from a user dialogue).
Dec(double, Angle.Units) - Constructor for class org.britastro.grelf.astro.Dec
Dec(Angle) - Constructor for class org.britastro.grelf.astro.Dec
DeepSkyObject - Class in org.britastro.grelf.astro
Holding the properties of a deep sky object (id and position).
DeepSkyObject(String, String, SkyPoint) - Constructor for class org.britastro.grelf.astro.DeepSkyObject
difference(Angle) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.Angle
Similar to subtract but the result is in the range -180..180 degrees.
draggable - Variable in class org.britastro.grelf.hopper.XYText
draw(Graphics2D) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.hopper.Button
draw(Graphics2D) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.hopper.Buttons