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in360() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.Angle
Returns a new Angle whose value lies in range 0..360 degrees (or 0..2pi radians).
in360(double) - Static method in class org.britastro.grelf.Maths
Convert angle x (degrees) to lie in range 0..360
inBox(Point) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.hopper.Button
Whether the point lies within the button.
initComponentDefaults(UIDefaults) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.plaf.ObservingLookAndFeel
inRangeDec(double) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.ChartLimits
inRangeRA(double) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.ChartLimits
isCellEditable(int, int) - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.hopper.ObservingListTableModel
isKnown() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.astro.ProperMotion
True if either RA or Dec fields are non-zero.
isNativeLookAndFeel() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.plaf.ObservingLookAndFeel
isRoomForTemporaryTiffImages(File, int, long, long, int, int) - Static method in class org.britastro.grelf.Util
Check whether there is enough disc space for the estimated size of temporary TIFF files, prompting the user to do something about it if there is not.
isSupportedLookAndFeel() - Method in class org.britastro.grelf.plaf.ObservingLookAndFeel