Asteroids around opposition

Charts show 1 month either side of opposition and are tabulated in order of opposition date. Positions are calculated from the latest osculating elements given in the Minor Planet Center's database. Star data are from the Hipparcos/Tycho databases.

Our aim is to provide charts for all minor planets that reach magnitude 12.0 or brighter at opposition (as estimated from G and H parameters*). A chart for any object at any one date & time can also be plotted from our "What's observable" applet.

The following table gives data at opposition. An asterisk after an object's name means that an ephemeris may be found in the printed Handbook.

The charts are interactive, to assist magnitude estimation. Green boxes indicate stars with a colour index similar to the Sun (0.60 < B - V < 0.72). For further explanation see the comet charts page.

NEW (2013 Dec 2) Starting with 1021 Flammario the charts have ephemeris data built in too. If the cursor is moved along the track of an asteroid, data for 0h UT on every day appear in blue. You may need to refresh your browser's cache (Ctrl-F5 in Windows) on a chart to get the latest script file.

* Magnitude estimates are based on H, G, r, Δ and phase angle. The theory behind this was explained in "The H and G magnitude system for asteroids" by Roger Dymock in the BAA Journal: J.Br.Astron.Assoc. 117,6,2007 p.342.


The following may be of interest to those requiring older confrmation data.

Link to chartOpposition
6 Hebe*2014-Nov-15 17h8.05-8.892.001.0713.570.0096
8 Flora2015-Feb-15 10h9.05+18.452.271.282.620.0119
354 Eleonora2015-Mar-05 14h9.64+17.882.491.515.060.0113
511 Davida2015-Mar-18 00h11.77-1.372.981.990.950.0085
113 Amalthea2015-Sep-11 01h11.89-10.202.531.532.310.0104
45 Eugenia2015-Sep-16 15h11.21-6.772.801.801.590.0094
250 Bettina2016-Feb-03 18h11.6134.182.781.836.440.0087


The following are future Oppositions.

Link to chartOpposition
79 Eurynome2016-Nov-03 18h9.5613.021.970.981.190.0100
234 Barbara2016-Nov-05 20h11.59-
194 Prokne2016-Nov-19 19h11.42-8.792.521.6110.960.0099
287 Nephthys2016-Nov-24 02h11.464.212.401.446.750.0107
60 Echo2016-Nov-27 10h10.0515.602.011.032.770.0104
814 Tauris2016-Dec-01 04h11.688.752.321.355.560.0129
193 Ambrosia2016-Dec-06 00h11.5147.441.830.8913.240.0080
34 Circe2016-Dec-07 06h11.9614.342.601.633.130.0098
72 Feronia2016-Dec-10 07h11.9215.902.411.432.870.0114
45 Eugenia2016-Dec-11 20h11.5813.892.921.943.080.0095
360 Carlova2016-Dec-17 01h11.859.192.501.535.520.0094
68 Leto2016-Dec-20 23h10.6332.202.771.803.090.0098
22 Kalliope2016-Dec-26 23h10.0534.102.661.693.960.0100
323 Brucia2016-Dec-29 16h11.2223.891.960.970.350.0189
135 Hertha2016-Dec-31 08h11.7926.292.731.741.160.0107
113 Amalthea2017-Jan-01 07h11.5419.712.401.411.340.0110
96 Aegle2017-Jan-06 15h11.6936.672.821.864.940.0097
200 Dynamene2017-Jan-07 23h11.4629.042.511.532.660.0099
13 Egeria2017-Jan-08 19h10.0547.182.361.4410.240.0100
760 Massinga2017-Jan-09 14h11.7235.222.701.734.810.0094
21 Lutetia2017-Jan-11 21h10.8624.122.711.730.890.0106
4 Vesta2017-Jan-18 00h6.2323.392.501.521.120.0112
415 Palatia2017-Jan-21 06h11.4218.422.181.190.680.0106
739 Mandeville2017-Jan-25 07h11.6612.152.481.502.760.0124
472 Roma2017-Jan-31 00h11.7919.232.431.450.750.0120
106 Dione2017-Feb-04 00h11.9122.333.202.221.940.0086
82 Alkmene2017-Feb-09 22h10.6318.892.
103 Hera2017-Feb-10 07h11.4815.052.911.930.250.0097
39 Laetitia2017-Feb-14 06h10.0410.052.992.001.030.0097
14 Irene2017-Feb-18 18h8.9825.
471 Papagena2017-Feb-19 15h11.0630.
15 Eunomia2017-Feb-20 10h9.200.262.821.853.930.0102
386 Siegena2017-Feb-20 22h11.813.383.112.132.460.0103
275 Sapientia2017-Feb-21 15h11.5112.912.331.351.130.0096
182 Elsa2017-Feb-21 22h11.8712.612.371.381.020.0108
9 Metis2017-Feb-22 02h9.0419.292.291.314.170.0107
16 Psyche2017-Mar-03 05h10.267.713.
268 Adorea2017-Mar-07 08h11.747.782.691.701.010.0087
41 Daphne2017-Mar-08 06h9.56-
192 Nausikaa2017-Mar-18 07h11.11-1.422.951.960.860.0105
356 Liguria2017-Mar-20 02h11.79-0.742.781.790.370.0100
88 Thisbe2017-Mar-23 14h11.23-
423 Diotima2017-Mar-27 23h11.6510.673.042.074.770.0085
409 Aspasia2017-Mar-29 00h10.78-17.342.441.466.210.0100
105 Artemis2017-Apr-03 13h10.54-1.602.061.061.980.0160
387 Aquitania2017-Apr-05 21h11.1918.612.571.6410.170.0098
416 Vaticana2017-Apr-08 12h10.945.812.381.405.890.0099
63 Ausonia2017-Apr-11 09h10.12-14.962.
230 Athamantis2017-Apr-13 21h10.58-17.822.521.533.650.0107
47 Aglaja2017-Apr-16 10h11.83-12.942.971.961.000.0090
202 Chryseis2017-Apr-17 15h11.581.242.931.944.290.0085
12 Victoria2017-Apr-19 17h9.81-17.452.271.262.900.0114
55 Pandora2017-Apr-23 14h11.99-16.523.122.121.330.0092
30 Urania2017-May-06 07h10.96-19.732.651.651.260.0103
115 Thyra2017-May-09 16h11.61-34.282.831.856.170.0100
93 Minerva2017-May-11 03h11.18-27.902.471.474.250.0093
52 Europa2017-May-12 05h10.90-7.873.
80 Sappho2017-May-13 21h11.01-15.002.491.481.470.0113
196 Philomela2017-May-16 08h10.70-
46 Hestia2017-May-17 06h11.83-16.312.691.681.150.0099
376 Geometria2017-May-21 10h11.11-30.111.900.905.360.0095
374 Burgundia2017-May-23 02h11.91-14.832.551.542.300.0094
27 Euterpe2017-May-25 16h10.37-19.752.691.670.480.0104
116 Sirona2017-May-28 08h11.15-21.782.701.680.120.0092
596 Scheila2017-May-30 12h11.70-21.102.441.430.290.0104

1 The speed column shows apparent speed across the sky at opposition. This should assist photographers to determine how frequently to take frames to obtain a trail (knowing pixels per degree in their telescope/camera configuration).

next to a chart provides a link to a red-on-black version, for display while observing.


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