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Please note that minor updates eg; additions to ‘Books’ and ‘Meetings’, are not listed below.


2013 March 15: 'Occultations' page; 2013 predictions from BAAH inserted


2013 March 10-11: 'What to Observe' webpage brought up to date, Gallery of 2012 DA14 observations.


2013 February 28: 2012 DA14 webpage completed with observations from 18 members and others

2013 February 22: Observing Report webpage for 2012 DA14 created

2012 February 16: Report on Russian bolide and 2012 DA14

2012 February 15: Updated 2012 DA14 page with link to real-time imaging from Nick James' observatory in Chelmsford (clouded out)

2013 February 11: Updated details of forthcoming close-pass of 2012 DA14

2013 January 22: Resumed work on the Section website uploading a report of the joint Asteroid-Comet section meeting held at Milton Keynes on 2012 Oct 6

2013 January 15: Observing details and two finder charts for next month's apparition of 2012 DA14 uploaded to BAA webpages here


(Gap in maintaining website, new style webpage worked on by Darryl Sergison but not finalised)


2010 February 3


Paper ‘The rotation period of asteroid (4080) Galinskij’ by Roger Dymock added


2009 June 30


Paper ‘A method for determining the V magnitude of asteroids from CCD images’ by Richard Miles and Roger Dymock added


A method for determining the V magnitude of asteroids from CCD images - Hints and tips for using Astrometrica and Guide added


2009 April 24


Video processing added


2008 September 18


BAA Journal article ‘Asteroids: past present and future’ by Richard Miles added

BAA Journal article ‘The H and G magnitude system for asteroids’ by Roger Dymock added


2008 September 12


Presentation ‘Practical NEO work’ given by Peter Birtwhistle at the 2008 July SAGAS meeting added

News archive page added


14th August 2008


Website moved to BAA server


11th July 2008


June/July observations added


News section added to Opening/Index page.


14th May 2008


May observations added


6th May 2008


2008 Pluto data added to ‘What to observe’


11th April 2008


April observations added


12th Mar 2008


March observations added


1st February 2008


February observations added (also includes December 2007 and January 2008)


16th November 2007


Minor planet data previously published in the 2008 BAA Handbook added to ‘What to observe’


8th November 2007


November observations added


8th October 2007


October observations added


1st September 2007


September observations added


20th August 2007


ARPS meeting report added


14th August 2007


Presentation ‘Asteroids’ added


11th August 2007


August observations added


10th July 2007


June and July observations added


10th May 2007


May observations added


14th April 2007


April 2007 observations added


19th  March 2007


‘Close Approach of Asteroid 2006 VV2’ added


27th  February 2007


Presentation ‘Magnitude ? Absolutely  ! Possibly…’ added


16th  February 2007


‘New definitions for Solar System bodies’ added


14th February 2007


‘Targets for visual observation’ added to ‘What to Observe’


5th January 2007


Observations received section added


27th November 2006


Presentations reloaded to website as pdf’s


14th November 2006


Section on Pluto added to ‘What to observe’


Presentations deleted – exceeding allocated disk space on server


30th October 2006


Presentation ‘Finding and Observing Asteroids’ added


26th October 2006


Presentation ‘New Definitions for Solar System Bodies’ added


12th August 2006


Limovie by Andrew Elliott added


18th June 2006


Presentation 'The Asteroids and Remote Planets Section - Past Present and Future' added


21st March 2006


Photometric data section added


15th March 2006


USNO Photometry and Tycho Photometry by Mark Kidger added. Link to 'Asteroid Phase Curves' by Richard Miles added to 'What to Observe'


27th February 2006


Section officers added


17th January 2006


Imaging with a digital SLR camera and a gravity drive, by Maurice Gavin, added


30th December 2005


New sections added; What to observe, Occultations, Visual observations, ARPS report form


12th November 2005


This (Near Earth Objects) website relaunched as the Asteroid and Remote Planets Section website following the appointment of Roger Dymock as Section Director succeeding Andrew Hollis.


30th August 2005


Presentation ‘Observing Asteroids – A Personal Journey’ replaced ‘Observing NEO’s – A Personal Journey’ and presentation ‘Asteroid Lightcurve Photometry’ replaced ‘Spinning Asteroids – Lightcurve Photometry’


3rd March 2005


‘Astrometry of NEO’s – Roger Dymock’ and ‘Follow-up observations – Part I’ updated and merged in to a single document ‘Astrometry of NEO’s – Follow-up observations’. ‘Table of contents’, ‘Site Guide’ and ‘Links’ updated to reflect this change.


8th October 2004


‘Spacewatch FMO project’ added


14th September 2004


‘Differential photometry using Canopus’  and ‘Site guide’ added


23rd April 2004


BAA Workshop 5 presentation ‘Observing Near Earth Asteroids’ added


9th April 2004


Asteroid photometry - Part II and a link to An Introduction to Astrometry by Nick James added


21st August 2003


Astrometry – Measuring Trails and USNO-B1.0 Star Catalogue sections added.

Note; USNO-B1.0 catalogue reference can no be found here.


15th March 2003


Asteroid Lightcurves – Part I added to Projects Section


11th January 2003


Trial Database and Trial Database Notes sections added

Note; These sections have since been deleted.


20th December 2002


Timing section added


15th November 2002


‘Orbits’ section added, Links and Books updated


25th October 2002


Software section added. This completes the first pass of the site.


23rd October 2002


Links section added


22nd October 2002


Projects section added. New targets will be added as and when appropriate.


15th October 2002


Observations section added. This section describes how observers can publish the

results of their observations.


26th September 2002


Follow-up observations – Part 1 modified to describe a simpler method for obtaining orbital elements and an ephemeris.


Space missions section added. This is a short section listing web sites where information on past, present, planned and proposed missions can be obtained.


9th August 2002


NEO news section added


8th August 2002


Meetings section added


25th July 2002


‘Follow-up observations – Part 1’ added


5th July 2002


‘Astrometry of Near Earth Objects’ added


25th June 2002


Astrometry of Near Earth Objects by Stephen Laurie added


16th May 2002


Astrometry –Obtaining an Observatory Code added


3rd April 2002


Photometry section added


19th March 2002


List of books covering all aspects of Solar System Small Bodies added


13th March 2002


Site launched.


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