Observation by David Adshead: Barnard 142 & 143 - David Adshead

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David Adshead


2009 Dec 31 - 14:00


2009 Dec 31 - 14:00


Barnard 142

Planetarium overlay



Field centre

RA: 19h40m
Dec: +10°44'
Position angle: -52°27'

Field size

1°59' × 1°24'


Barnard 142 & 143 - David Adshead

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Image of Barnard 142 and 143, dark nebulae in the constellation of Aquila. Constellation: Aquila. Distance 2,000 light years. Imaging scope - Takahashi FSQ-106ED f5 refractor at prime focus Camera - Canon 40D Filter - Astronomik CLS Acquisition - Canon EOS Utility Autoguiding - TMB 80 mm f6 refractor, Imaging Source DBK 21AF04.AS camera, EQ6 Pro mount and PHD guiding software. Exposure - 21 x 300 seconds Dark frames, Flats used. Software - Nebulosity aligning and stacking. Photoshop CS3 with Noel's Actions and Russell Croman's Gradient Xterminator.

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