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Pete Lawrence & Paul G. Abel, 2019 Nov 01
Why have we all heard of Einstein?
Gerry Gilmore and Gudrun Tausch-Pebody, 2019 Nov 06
Observer's Challenge – Colours of Double Stars
Andrew Robertson, 2019 Oct 20
Mercury and Venus Section Newsletter
Dr Paul G. Abel, 2019 Sep 15
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The transit of Mercury: how to observe it
Peter Meadows, Chris Hooker, Paul Abel and Steve Harvey, 2019 Oct 16
Imaging comets: an introduction
Nick James, Jonathan Shanklin, Peter Carson and others, 2019 Sep 15
An introduction to variable star observing
Roger Pickard, 2019 Aug 11


Equipment & Techniques Section Meeting
Sunday, 2019 November 17
BAA Christmas Meeting
Saturday, 2019 December 07
BAA Meeting
Saturday, 2020 January 25