Variable Stars

Director: Jeremy Shears
Jeremy Shears

The VSS was formed in 1890, the year the BAA was founded, with the aim of collecting and analysing observations of variable stars. The Section is run by a small group of Officers who deal with various aspects separately but meet at intervals to discuss and decide future plans and policy. Feedback to members is through the VSS Circulars published four times a year and through the BAA Journal.

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Section Officers
  • Director: Jeremy Shears
  • Secretary: Bob Dryden
  • Chart Secretary: John Toone
  • Pulsating Stars Coordinator: Shaun Albrighton
  • Nova/Supernova Secretary: Guy Hurst
  • Database Secretary: Andrew Wilson
  • Eclipsing Binary Secretary: Des Loughney
  • CV’s & Eruptive Stars Co-ordinator, Circulars Editor and Webmaster: Gary Poyner